Security Do’s and Don’ts


DO – Create a strong password that is not easily identifiable by other users. DON’T – Never share your password virtually, our team will never ask for any passwords.


DO – Open communication received from our domains. Any email address ending in NextTrade is safe and secure.
DON’T – Open any communication, attachments, or links which impersonate NextTrade. If you are ever in doubt of a suspicious email, you may always confirm with us through our Contact Us page.

Scams and Malware

DO – Stay on top of ongoing cybercrimes in your area. Purchase a reputable anti-malware software on your device to fish out any lurking viruses or malware.
DON’T – Click on any fraudulent links or web adverts. You may unknowingly install software on your computer that allows scammers to access your files.

Browser Extensions

DO – Download needed extensions to your browser, if from a verified source.
DON’T – Overload your device with unnecessary extensions, downloaded from various websites found online.

Secure Connection

DO – When viewing our website, make sure you are on the correct and secure page by clicking on the padlock next to the URL.
DON’T – If you notice that the URL states “Not secure”, do not proceed with entering any further details and close the webpage. Make sure you close all tabs and reopen by manually typing [email protected].

Confirm Email Address

DO – When receiving an email from NextTrade, make sure you verify that the email address it has been sent from is [email protected] by clicking or hovering over the sender’s name.

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