Fee Queries

It is important to understand any fees which may be included in your journey with NextTrade.

For information about our deposit and withdrawal fees, view the below:

Deposit Fees:

  • Bitcoin: 0%
  • Bitcoin via Debit/Credit Card: 0%
  • Cryptocurrencies (USDT/DOGE/ETH/LTC/USD Coin/Ripple): 2.5%

Withdrawal Fees:

  • We do not charge a fee for withdrawals.

Please be aware that, while we do not apply any charges, fees may be associated with your wallet provider. When withdrawing via Crypto, a fee may be charged by the network used. Kindly note that NextTrade does not charge this fee, and we have no control over it.

Trading Commission Fees:

Our commission fees differ depending on the account type.

For information, view the following account types with our set commissions.

  • Standard – $5 per lot.
  • .Pro – $8 per lot.
  • .Var – $0 per lot.
  • .Mini – $1 per lot.

Please bear in mind that spreads differ between the accounts.

Swap Short/Long Fees:
Keeping short or long positions open overnight is referred to as a swap short or swap long.

Every pair has a separate swap cost, which you can view by selecting Specifications from the context menu when you right-click or press on the pair or instrument. You can take a look by either opening a Demo Account or a Live Trading Account.

Swap rates come from the interest rates of the central banks of the two currencies that you are trading with.

  • Swap Short is when a short position (Sell) is kept open overnight.
  • Swap Long is when a long position (Buy) is kept open overnight.

This is how you can calculate the swap fee:

  • Swap Long: One Point x Trade Size x Swap Long in Points
  • Swap Short: One Point x Trade Size x Swap Short in Points

It should be noted that pairs that close over the weekend will be charged a triple swap. To compensate for the two days the market is closed, this is charged on a specific day, typically a Wednesday but occasionally another day.

In the Symbol Properties box on the mobile app, you can view the swap prices, contract sizes, swap long, swap short, and triple swap days for various instruments. Right-click a symbol in the Market Watch window on the desktop app and choose Specification.

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