Selfie Guidelines

We value the security of your account and funds, which is why you may be required to fulfill a Live Selfie request as an added protective measure during withdrawals.

Understanding the Live Selfie Request

The Live Selfie request serves as a verification tool to ensure the security of your account. It employs swift facial recognition to confirm your identity.

How to Complete the Live Selfie Request for Fund Withdrawal

When initiating a withdrawal, you’ll receive an account notification urging you to verify your identity: “Your recent withdrawal request is pending your action: Click here to confirm your identity.”

You’ll also receive an email with the same instructions.

  • Click the Verify button in the email or on the platform.
  • Upon clicking Verify, the platform will direct you to a window where you must complete the Live Selfie request.
  • Follow the provided instructions: position yourself in front of the camera, ensure your face is within the frame, and gently rotate your face around the circle.
  • After successfully completing the Live Selfie request, a confirmation message will appear: “Your Face Scan was Successful. Continue.”

That’s it! You have completed the Live Selfie request and your withdrawal is now on its way.

Providing a Selfie with Documents

If one of our Team has asked you to upload a selfie, the selfie document would need to look like the below:

  • To achieve this selfie, simply hold your Proof of Identity document along with a piece of paper.
  • On this paper, you will need to write down today’s date, along with your signature.
  • Ask a friend or use a camera timer to help achieve this selfie.
  • Please bear in mind that all details, including facial features, must be visible and legible for your selfie to be approved.

Providing a Selfie to our Payments Team

If one of our Team has asked you to upload a selfie, the selfie document would need to look like the below:

  • You will need to go to your withdrawal from the Withdraw section from your account.
  • You will find all the information that you need to take your selfie.

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