Withdrawal Information

Withdrawing your funds is simple and straightforward on NextTrade.

Some important points to keep in mind are:

  • Once the transaction has been finalized, there is no way to go back and cancel it, which could result in the loss of your money.
  • The time frame for withdrawal transactions depends on the network traffic that is being used.

To withdraw your funds, follow these steps:

  • Tap on Withdraw.
  • Choose the Withdrawal Type of your preference.
  • Choose the Wallet to withdraw from.
  • Enter the Amount to withdraw.
  • Tap on Request Withdrawal.
  • Enter your Crypto address.
  • If you have not pasted your third-party wallet provider’s Crypto address when you check your withdrawal history via the Withdraw page, scroll to the last column on the right side, and then click the Fill info button. Tap that icon, then type in your Crypto address.

Once your withdrawal is processed, you will receive an email from us.

Please note that the time frame for withdrawal transactions depends on the traffic of the network that is being used.

The withdrawal limits for NextTrade are listed below:

Bank Transfer:

  • Minimum: $10
  • Maximum: No limit
  • Withdrawal timeframe: 3-5 business days


  • Minimum: $100
  • Maximum: No Limit


  • Minimum: $10
  • Maximum: No Limit

If you have not received your funds, please check the following:

  • The time frame for withdrawal transactions depends on the traffic of the network that is being used.
  • Make sure you have entered the correct Crypto wallet address.

When you request a withdrawal, you will notice a few different payment statuses as shown below:

    A customer has requested a withdrawal.
    We are either finishing up a step in our internal procedures, in which case you would have received an email, or we have requested further information from you.
    Going through a standard security check.
    The transaction has been actioned by our team and is in the process of reaching you.Currently waiting for 3-6 confirmations on the Blockchain.
    Awaiting your Bitcoin Address.
    The withdrawal has been approved.
    We rejected the withdrawal (You will find the reason in the comments section).
  • Cancelling a Withdrawal Request
    If a withdrawal request is in the WAITING INFO or WAITING PROCESS stage, you can cancel it at any moment. We are unable to recover the funds if the network has started processing the withdrawal.

To cancel a withdrawal request, follow the below steps:

  • You would need to tap on Withdraw.
  • Scroll down and to the right, on the withdrawal, you would like to cancel then tap on Cancel.
  • You will then be prompted to continue with canceling your withdrawal request.
  • To confirm that your withdrawal has been canceled, click on the Cancel Withdrawal button.

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