Frequently Asked Questions about Bonus Points and Fund Redemption

  1. When a deposit bonus is granted – where can I see this and how does it work?
    • You can view your granted deposit/withdrawal bonus in the Bonus Points Wallet on the platform. The bonus wallet will hold your credits, which can then be transferred to a trading account and unlocked as capital when trades are placed.
  2. How does the Bonus Points Wallet work?
    • The Bonus Points Wallet operates as a virtual space where points accumulate based on your trading. These points can be redeemed for real funds by trading using the bonus credits. If you do not select a preferred trading account for receiving the points, they will automatically be credited to the first account you created.
  3. How are points that I can see in my bonus wallet redeemed into real funds?
    • To turn your bonus points into real funds, initiate the redemption process through the platform. This action transfers the points to your chosen live account, converting them into usable funds. Users can then trade using these funds; after placing a certain amount of trades your bonus points can be withdrawn.
  4. How can I redeem my bonus points?
    • To transfer a credit amount into the trading balance, traders need to trade at least 1 standard lot per each $2.50 of the deposit bonus collected.
    • This promotion is only applicable in relation to the trading of forex pairs (.pro, .var), metals, and cryptos. All other Instruments are excluded
  5. When I redeem points, where do my funds go?
    • Upon redemption, your funds are credited directly to your chosen live account. This account is specified in your settings as your preferred destination for redeemed funds. It can be changed by going to the settings section and selecting a different account from the dropdown menu.
  6. How do I get notified when points are redeemed to real funds?
    • You will receive an immediate in-app pop-up notification. This ensures you are promptly informed of the successful redemption without the need for email notifications.
  7. Can I turn off the notifications that inform me I have redeemed points to funds?
    • No, the in-app pop-up notification cannot be turned off. This feature guarantees timely awareness of fund redemptions.
  8. Can I change where points are redeemed to and how?
    • Yes, you can easily change your preferred live account for fund redemption. Adjust this setting in your account preferences on the platform.
  9. I traded, when shall I expect my funds to be credited to my preferred live account?
    • The process for crediting fund redemptions operates every 15 minutes. Your funds should be credited to your chosen live account within this timeframe after initiating redemption.
  10. I haven’t received my bonus funds yet, what do I do?
    • If your bonus funds haven’t arrived within the expected timeframe, promptly contact customer support for assistance and resolution.
  11. How can I check that my bonuses were transferred correctly?
    • Bonus credits will not send an email. You will see a pop up which you will need to confirm.
    • The bonus will show up in the transaction history as an internal transfer.
  1.  How can I check that my bonuses were transferred correctly?
  1. Bonus credits will not send an email. You will see a pop up which you will need to confirm.
  2. The bonus will show up in the transaction history as an internal transfer.
  3. What happens to my points if I don’t have a trading account created?
    • The points will remain in your bonus points wallet. You will then need to create a trading account and initiate a bonus points transfer from the settings.

Important notes:

  • No live account selected during points redemption:
    • If a user hasn’t selected a live account during redemption, the process will fail, and the bonus points will stay in the wallet until a valid live account is chosen.
  • Default live account for new customers:
    • For new customers who don’t set a preferred live account, the system uses the first live account created.
  • Frequency of Points Processing:
    • The Team processes points redemption every 15 minutes, ensuring a quick turnaround for fund crediting.
  • Notification Method:
    • Users are exclusively informed of points redemption through an in-app pop-up; no email notifications are sent for this purpose.

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