Trade History and Archived Orders Information

If you would like to view your account Trade History, please follow the below steps:

  • Whilst logged into your account, navigate to the Accounts menu.
  • Find the account you wish to view the trade history of.
  • Select the View option on the far right of the row. (You may have to scroll right on the row to find the View option if you are using a mobile device).
  • Enter the desired Date Range and the trade history will appear on the screen.

Upon extracting your report, it will be downloaded on your desktop computer in an Excel document format. 

Archived Orders

We conduct a monthly archiving procedure, which would be accessible on your trading history within your trading platform, to help us provide our clients with the best possible trading experience.

Any trades that are more than 15 days old are combined into netted orders throughout this process. These organize your initial trades by symbol and direction (buy/sell), then add up the gains, commissions, and swaps.

These will appear on your trading history under the comment “Archived Orders”.

You can view each of your deals separately by going directly to your account on our website.

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