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How to Disable 2FA Using Selfie
If you are unable to access your account due to not having access to your 2FA, you can disable it using the face recognition system if your account is fully ver...
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Verification Document Guidelines
When using NextTrade, verifying your account is a crucial step to ensure the security and compliance of your trading activities. This guide will walk you throug...
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How to Verify Your Account with NextTrade
Verification is a crucial step to enjoy the full range of services NextTrade offers. In this article, we’ll guide you through the Know Your Customer (KYC)...
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Available Currency Wallets
Access various currency wallets for convenience. Manage different currencies within your account.
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Resetting My Back-Office Password
Simple steps to reset your back-office password. Ensure secure access to your administrative account.
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Proceeding with a Locked Account
Learn how to resolve and manage a locked account scenario. Regain access swiftly and securely.
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Account Approval TimeFrame
We aim to approve your account on the same business day. In some rare cases, it can take 24 hours/next business day. If your account is taking longer than 24 ho...
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